Fresh fish from the lake and other yummy meals

Treat yourself to a meal that will delight the taste buds and have you coming back for more. We offer a variety of local as well as international cuisine. Dinner is off a set menu and booking by 13h00 is essential since we love slow cooked meals and often served food that took hours of lovely bubbling away.

We buy fish from the local fisherman so you are assured that you cannot find fresher. According to a recent survey we make the best fish in the village, so try our Honey Glazed Kampango fillet, you will be amazed that it is fresh water fish.

Alternatively we made a wide variety of other dishes, we are foodies and are always trying new recipes to wow our guests.  You will find we make our own pasta and rolls, are very fond of Indian cuisine and serve Madras and Balti dishes, we make our own chilli sauce, and love to surprise you with the best freshly baked desserts and puddings.